The AFP Network is the home of the best the internet has to offer for all things fanfic.

With the podcast that started it all, the Audio Fanfic Podcast. It is one of the most popular fanfic podcasts in the world, with well over 100,000 listens in their first season alone. With thousands of stories read, in many different genres, the Audio Fanfic Podcast is the ultimate ear candy for lovers of fan fiction.
Take a listen to the latest episode of the Audio Fanfic Podcast here (warning: potentially mature subject matter. NSFW):

ST VOY: Time On My Hands – Part 7 by Laura W

And the newest addition to the AFP Network: The Fangirls Library. The home of fandom, fiction, and feminism. Kristin and company talk with anfic and published authors, discuss new and interesting fanfic, the history of fanfic, and so much more. If you want to discover new and exciting new authors, stories, or tips on writing, The Fangirls Library is the podcast you’ve been looking for.
Take a listen to the latest episode of The Fangirls Library here (Again, potentially mature subject matter. NSFW):

S02E12: Krampus in Fan Fic

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